Dongguan U-MY Garment Co., Ltd.
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Основные продукты:Детские Прорезыватели для зубов, Amigurumi, детский подарочный набор, детский деревянный игровой тренажерный зал, набор для DIY
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About Umy

10 years ago, our founder-Jana met a group of women, eldly people and disabled people who lived in village and earned money by crocheting.
Umy was founded, in order to offer them a safe enviroment to earn a living and inherit the traditional crocheting technique.


With our support for the rural crochet business, we have provided employment opportunities for 500 rural women and 100 disabled people over the past 10 years.


Now, our products are exported all over the world, especially to the U S, Europe, U K, Australia and Asian markets, and have been widely praised.


Your support for our business is also a love for social contribution.
Let's enjoy the loving crochet world together!